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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wedding Songs and Music Lyrics in your Wedding Song Selection list

Over the past couple years, we have been seeing a lot of Bride and Grooms picking & choosing unique Wedding Songs. Our customers have also been asking us to give Wedding song idea suggestions and also information on Weddings song lyrics since if they are dancing their first dance or the parent dances that the lyrics are appropriate for their wedding song selections.
If you are looking for a good website that I find the majority of the wedding song lyrics, you can try: - they have limited advertising pop-ups which is good because nothing is worse than that. Now being a DJ and also a consultant to Bride and Grooms, I sometimes in extreme cases may mention song lyrics but try to stay out of the business of telling couples what too choose since it is really their day. However, if I know something is just not right with a wedding song choice in their song lists, I will bring it up in a professional manner.

My advice to you is that for the most part, you already have an idea what the songs are about that you have selected. The good news is that most songs can sometimes be generic across the board meaning they can mean a lover or a loved one (family member) so it can be used across different dance types. There were times in the past (along time ago, prior to consulting couples) where I have not consulted with the client and the Bride danced with her dad to a song (they selected) and one section of the song was definitely embarrassing for the two on the dance floor. It actually turned out ok because they were laughing. Although, this can sometimes be reflected on the DJ since some guests may think the DJ picks the songs for the couples.

One habit I have picked up when songs may not be appropriate for an event, even after consulting the client is during my grand introductions, I may announce “Folks, we are going to have a great time this evening – our music has been hand picked by our Bride and our Groom”. Now this can do two things, it could help the dancing when certain song selections are played to help the crowd respond that would not normally work since they may feel drawn to the dance floor to not offend the couple OR give the DJ a better name IF the dance floor empties out that the songs were picked by the couple and not the DJ’s fault.

Again, these are extreme cases and the goal of the DJ service is to consult and this would only be done if songs selected were out of the ordinary and consultation was given.

So, what’s the point of this posting – check your song lyrics carefully and choose songs that are appropriate for the dance.




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